Credo Fridays

A lot has changed in the last 37 years. That’s how long I’ve been following Jesus.

Among the big things that have changed would have to be the things I believe.

My credo.

I’ll be doing “Credo Fridays” here on the blog where I will be unpacking the things I believe. Rich Mullins once sang, “…I believe what I believe it’s what makes me what I am / I did not make it, no it is making me…” and that’s what makes everyone’s credo so important, it shapes you, it forms you, it’s the spring from which your way of living flows.

Mine has changed so much over the last 37 years that the Bible College sophomore Brian would be the first in line to pick up a rock and stone the present-day pastor Brian as a heretic. Which is especially fun because that guy still lives in my head and pops up every now and then just to yell, “J’Accuse…!”

30 years ago, before email was a thing, I had a painful correspondence exchange with an older saint who had published an article in one of our denomination’s weekly publications. His assertion was that he had not changed his mind about a single doctrine of the Church in over 40 years. At 26, it was inconceivable to me that a person of his age had not changed his way of thinking about any of the things he believed about God. At the ripening older age of 56, I find it even harder to believe.

I am a work in progress and I find that I spend a great deal of time unlearning things I thought I knew and learning new things that are really old things that I’ve only just discovered. And while I have strong convictions about my credo, and while there are things I have come to believe that I don’t think I will ever be talked out of, my “certainty” pile has gotten smaller, not bigger over the last 30 years. My orthodoxy has become much more generous than the pharisaical days of my youth.

The credo I’ll be sharing is my own. Not my wife’s, not my family’s and certainly not my denominations. I’m not presenting it here to convince you to make it your credo. I’m writing out my credo to help me better know me and for anyone interested in knowing what makes me, me. The unintended side effect is that my transparency may alienate friends and even provoke people I love to walk away from me #smh. But if Recovery has taught me anything it’s that secrets kill us and honesty sets us free. So join me on Fridays for my Credo confessions as I unpack the beliefs that shape the person I am still becoming and explain some of the choices of my present and provoke my inner Bible college sophomore to look for something heavy to throw.

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