Camino Diary, Day 18

A day of rest.

We spent the entire day exploring Leon. It was all about resting and recuperating even though we did a lot of walking around the city. And it is a beautiful city.

Our thinking was that Leon was the beginning of the end. We spent time planning out the “final stage” of our Camino with only 2 weeks and 2 days left. If you were just starting out that might seem like a long time still to go but after 18 days, it felt like Santiago was coming way too quickly. We had found a rhythm, and while we both still missed home, Bill and I were feeling comfortable with the pilgrim life.

Gelato is good for the soul.

We slept in until 8 am, went out and found some breakfast and then explored museums, a couple cathedrals and amazing historical sites. We rested in the afternoon in our posh accommodations and that night we found a cheap meal in an out of the way bocadillo shop.

For dessert we found a gelato shop and I had an amazing raspberry gelato.

One of my constant consolations on the Camino was Bill. Having so much time together had concerned me when we started the journey. Everyday for more than a month – I’m still constantly amazed that my wife can take that much of me, let alone someone else. But we always had things to talk about and I was rewarded in conversation after conversation with the depth inside of Bill.

Of course there were moments when we drove each other crazy. People do that. But I found that Bill was like a deep well with something to say that made me think or feel or learn or that reframed something I was experiencing or praying through. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one of the greatest treasures of my Camino was the time I spent with my friend, Bill.

That night, as I enjoyed the room, the bed, and the air conditioning one last time, I prayed for a miracle for my friend Carole. A big miracle. And I made plans to get up extra early to shower one more time.

That afternoon I had managed to book beds for us for the next 5 nights. It was becoming a race for beds the further along we went and the closer we got to Sarria where a large number of pilgrims would be joining the Way, the harder a bed would be to find in the traditional stages of the Camino guide.

I didn’t know it yet, but the next day would be one of the craziest, “the Camino will provide” days of our whole journey.

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