When Church Leadership is Broken, chapter 2

“Breaking Leaders” Introduction here, Chapter One here. I had only been following Jesus for a few weeks when I felt called to go into ministry. In the church I was in, at the time I was in it, the starting place for ministry was Bible College. Off I went, with no idea what I wasContinue reading “When Church Leadership is Broken, chapter 2”

When Church Leadership is Broken chapter 1.

“Let’s Blame Bad Pastors” It was the last session of a youth workers conference when I first woke up to the reality that we are not all pastors for the same reasons. A psychologist was on the platform. He had just published a new book on why teenagers act the way they do. But insteadContinue reading “When Church Leadership is Broken chapter 1.”

Secret Sauce

Pastors, especially charismaticky pastors like me – but not just charismaticky pastors – have some secret sauce that we have learned – over time – to apply to local church situations to add some sizzle to our steak. There are tricks of the trade that we’ve learned that will inject some life into a congregationContinue reading “Secret Sauce”

My Hopes and My Fears (for my Vineyard Home)

Treading water to keep afloat in a pandemic at the edge of a world at war, facing another election cycle while still living through the fallout of the last one, it’s easy to be distracted. It makes sense that the seismic shifts in the network of churches I call, “my people” doesn’t register much attention.Continue reading “My Hopes and My Fears (for my Vineyard Home)”

Black and White and Color

One of the dangers that comes with writing about pastoral ministry and the church is that some people automatically conclude that I’m venting. That rather than reflective writing, I’m being passive aggressive and sharing my complaints about ministry and the local church of which I’m a part. From more than 30 years of pastoral ministry,Continue reading “Black and White and Color”

Deconstruction: Recovery

One of the aspects of being a pastor like me is that you become a story collector or a story depository. Over the last 35 years I’ve absorbed the stories as they have been told to me, shared with me, sometimes through tears and sometimes through sobs, that have shaped people, left their mark onContinue reading “Deconstruction: Recovery”

(Our Church) Belonging to a Network

(this is part two. part one is HERE.) What do I think my local church needs from belonging to a Network? For me this has to be an inseparable “part two” to the question, “What kind of Network would you like to be a part of?” Here is a list of things I think aboutContinue reading “(Our Church) Belonging to a Network”

Conflict and Pastors

There are a lot of old jokes that are built on the common experience that churches are places of conflict. The New Testament epistles are nearly all written because churches were in conflict. Sometimes internal, sometimes external but the presence of people seems to always bring with it some conflict. And I think this isContinue reading “Conflict and Pastors”