“What if…We Had a Story to Explain How We Got Here and Why It’s not a Surprise Because This is How We Do”

A cautionary imaginative ‘what if’ tale from a fictional land, far, far away. Once upon another time, there was a mother church who produced a bunch of baby churches and soon developed into a family of churches. The mother and her family of churches were so attractive that eventually other churches wanted to be adoptedContinue reading ““What if…We Had a Story to Explain How We Got Here and Why It’s not a Surprise Because This is How We Do””

Waiters and Church Staff and Safe Places

Waiting tables I learned that I could be invisible. Or I was so low on the social order that people just didn’t care what they said in front of me. While I stood waiting to write down an order, couples or families or groups would have conversations in front of me that I am sureContinue reading “Waiters and Church Staff and Safe Places”

Conflict and Pastors

There are a lot of old jokes that are built on the common experience that churches are places of conflict. The New Testament epistles are nearly all written because churches were in conflict. Sometimes internal, sometimes external but the presence of people seems to always bring with it some conflict. And I think this isContinue reading “Conflict and Pastors”

Brian vs. the Clear Reading of Scripture, pt. 2

I still remember when a man in the church divorcing his wife and marrying another was instant disqualification from ministry. Why were we picking on people whose marriage ended because of divorce? Because we followed the Bible. “For example, a man who divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery. And anyone who marriesContinue reading “Brian vs. the Clear Reading of Scripture, pt. 2”

Brian vs. the Clear Reading of Scripture

I write for many reasons but one reason, and it’s not a little one, is so that my kids and their kids will understand how their dad got this way. They may or may not ever read this but their confusion won’t be because I didn’t try. And that’s not a bad thing. One thingContinue reading “Brian vs. the Clear Reading of Scripture”

Camino Diary 5

On Camino Wednesdays I’m sharing day to day recollections from the journal i kept as my friends and I walked the Camino de Santiago, September/October 2019, from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. Part ONE. Part TWO. Part THREE. And part FOUR. On September 6, 2019, I walked from Zubiri to Pamplona, Spain withContinue reading “Camino Diary 5”

Camino Diary pt 3

(These entries are a series based on my journal and recollections from walking the Camino de Santiago with my friends Bill and Derrick, Sept/Oct 2019.) My journal entry for this day is brief. Its brevity is a reflection of how overwhelmed I felt by the experience of my first day on the Camino from St.Continue reading “Camino Diary pt 3”