You Can’t Argue With Success

I’m listening to the Christianity Today podcast, “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” Specifically, it’s the story of a Seattle based mega-church and it’s most prominent pastor, Mark Driscoll – how it started, how it grew, how it established a network of campuses/churches and then dissolved…or spontaneously combusted into a dumpster fire. As I’mContinue reading “You Can’t Argue With Success”

Conversation with the Naked Pastor

This interview is from my podcast, currently in hibernation, and it’s the conversation I had with David Hayward, aka the Naked Pastor. I enjoyed collecting these stories and I hope to get back to this some day. My goal was to go behind the curtain and let the wizards of emerald city share their stories.Continue reading “Conversation with the Naked Pastor”

Black Lives Matter

(It’s Pastoral Ministry Tuesday. This is what is on my heart and mind today about pastoral ministry in America.) I live in fear for all of my black friends. I fear for their physical safety and for their emotional and mental well-being as they experience an endless stream of threats and the daily additions toContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Camino Diary, day 8

We left Estella and sadly, we left behind Derrick’s pilgrim credentials. A sign he would have to return another day to finish the Camino. The time was coming up quickly that he would be leaving us and returning home. To stay on our schedule, we used a “fast forward” and took a bus ahead toContinue reading “Camino Diary, day 8”

Ordination as Sacrament

(Welcome to Credo Friday where I continue to build up posts that offer an explanation for the things I do because they spring out of the things that I have come to believe. Today’s post comes out of a PMT post from earlier this week that you can read HERE.) On Pastoral Ministry Tuesday thisContinue reading “Ordination as Sacrament”