Camino Diary, Day 26

A short walk in the rain landed us in Triacastela for the night.

We chose this spot as the place we would begin our final walk to Santiago. Where we would begin our last 100 kilometers of this journey. It’s hard to believe we are this close to the end. As much as I have missed my wife and family and my life back home, at this moment all I want to do is make time slow down.

My diary says, “Tomorrow a.m. we leave for Sarria and the final leg of this journey. 1 week from tomorrow we will be planning our final day’s walk into Santiago and to the Cathedral.”

We managed to sleep in past 7 today because we were in a private room. Once we woke up it only took a few minutes to be ready to go. We ate a quick breakfast and watched the sun begin to rise.

As we started out we quickly realized that we were surrounded by fog. Places along the way that would have given us amazing vistas to look at and to contemplate were just banks of fog. But this too was a gift as we walked into a different kind of beauty and were reminded of the mystery that is part of the Camino de Santiago.

A little way along the rain started. At first it was a pleasant mist, then rain, then a hard rain. We finally broke out our rain gear hoping that – as usual – getting it out and putting it on would make the rain stop. But it didn’t. It continued to rain as we settled in, soaked, at Triacastela.

There have been several places along the way that I felt like I was walking through Middle-Earth, today was one of those days. I expected hobbits and elves to pop out of the woods and cross our path at any moment.

It was such a quick walk today that we arrived well before our albergue was open but they did let us come in out of the rain and sit in the lobby to dry off and warm up while they cleaned the place. They had an outdoor shelter inside of which we hung our ponchos in the hope they would dry for the morning.

Later we met a bunkmate, Josiah, an Economist from Australia and we did a wash in the nearby lavador. We ate another delicious jamon y queso bocadillo  for lunch. Eventually we started to feel dry.

Along the way today I was contemplating on how people grow and become. The conclusion – or at least the stopping place – I came to for the day was that questions are much more important to our becoming than answers are. The wrong question or a bad question can only produce bad answers, answers that won’t contribute to our growth. I feel like the Church has tried to build our reputation on having the right answers instead of the better questions and this has landed us in a crisis of discipleship or formation.

At the laundry today, Bill asked me if I would ever leave Donna for this long again. I know not to say “Never!” but today I FEEL “Never!”

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